How Our Brunch Menu Was Born

Nostalgic classics go deluxe every Sunday

By Braven Restaurant on July 20, 2023 • News
A full spread of Braven's breakfast items on a table with two full wine glasses. The background is a curved orange-brown leather sofa.

In our bustling dining room, a temple to the finest cuts of meat, there was still a feeling that something was missing on Sundays. The number one request Executive Chef Jason Greene got from guests every week: “We would love some bacon and eggs.” The demand for Sunday brunch was sky-high, and Chef Jason was determined to meet it — but he was going to do it the Braven way.


Beyond the Basics

A basic brunch menu was never an option for our fine dining steakhouse. Working closely with District Executive Chef John Horne, Chef Jason developed a clear theme: he wanted to serve elevated classics, mixing nostalgia with luxury. The deeply satisfying dishes he created “evoke memories of campfire cooking with a flair for the extravagant.” Centring on the restaurant’s beautiful wood-fire grill, the menu harkens back to his childhood memories of eating by the fire. 

Mushroom flatbread with shaved cheese and greens on top. The flatbread is on a wooden cutting board.

Sharing the Love

Splitting the menu up into smaller categories ensured each guest could find something to love. The Snacks section offers smaller, more shareable fare that’s perfect to start a meal. If you’re looking to imbibe, Chef Jason recommends starting off with a light and crisp West Edmonton Reviver cocktail, maybe alongside a flatbread made from cold fermented dough. The Mushroom Flatbread is his pick, combining the deep earthiness of mushroom duxelles with truffled spinach for a complex but familiar flavour.

Top-down shot of fire-roasted ham and eggs on an oval-shaped grey plate and marble-like table.

The Wonders of Wood-fire

To experience the wonders of a wood-fire grill, look for decadent, meaty dishes like Fire-roasted Ham & Eggs, Breakfast Beef Tartare, or a Charred Tuna Breakfast Bowl if you need something lighter. The Wagyu & Eggs stands out in the pack, made with a unique cut of local Brandt Lake beef. Its “unbelievable texture and flavour” make it a must-try for any meat lover, and it pairs perfectly with the rich and slightly tart Burnt Cherry Manhattan.


Playing with Tradition

Those craving a more traditional brunch experience will find everything they could want in From the Kitchen dishes. Think: big breakfast plates, bennies, pancakes, and toasts… but better. Slow-roasted ham and cast iron potatoes elevate the Braven Benny, while health-minded or vegetarian guests will love the Avocado Toast, topped with poached eggs, chickpea hummus, cucumber, tomato, and tender shoots. To satisfy a sweet tooth, the delicate, crispy cast iron S’mores Pancake is the ultimate indulgence thanks to rich chocolate sauce, light marshmallow cream, and graham crumble. Wash it down with a not-too-sweet Trans-Porto Tonico for maximum effect.

Kiddie Classics

Families with kids can rest easy, too. Our brunch is super kid-friendly, sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. A self-proclaimed kid at heart, Chef Jason put extra care into crafting the Kids Menu, loading it with beloved crowd-pleasers like Mini French Toast with maple butter and blueberries or Oatmeal with toasted cinnamon and maple syrup. The Grilled Cheese is his personal favourite — “I always gravitate towards a good sandwich” — because the satisfying crunch and gooey inside never get old. Made using three different cheeses (cheddar, Gruyère, and mozzarella) and just enough tomato jam, it’s the perfect example of Chef Jason’s Sunday brunch ethos: a childhood favourite upgraded in unmistakable Braven fashion.


Visit us from 11am–2:30pm on Sundays for bold, nostalgic brunch classics with a luxurious spin. No matter your craving, you’re in for a deliciously lavish start to your day.